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The Usual Friday Crud

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Friday, 17 June 2005

No more mass emails...

Due to some bitterness in the office, no more mass mail outs on Fridays... so I'll just have to put them up here and then tell people to go here :)

Hard core Pawn! Zombies [Requires Sun JVM 1.3 or better as default)

You often see these on telly.. now you can get a WheelSurf yourself!

High altitude "dumps" causing problems for climbers...

OPS - StarWars from a Storm Troopers point of view [flash] (major re-interpretation)

Ahhh... you just can't beat a good break-dance battle! [Windows media]

Thank-goodness Greg doesn't play like this... [Windows media link]

You just can't hold a good plane down... "Son of Concord..."

Don't you just love playing with magnets? [flash]

It's almost as much fun as the real thing! [flash]

iPods and iTunes, a deep analysis.. not!

Want to be a DJ but just can't afford all the CDs or Vinyl? How about a scratching cassette deck?

Pee in your tank?

Ever wanted your own rollercoaster?

That's all folks!


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