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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Energy Drinks - I'm not alone

When I first started cataloging energy drinks (early 2008) there didn't seem to be much info on the web, now, having just published my findings (based on drinks I've been able to purchase in New Zealand), I see that someone has beaten me to the crunch...


While it doesn't go into the ingrediant detail that my list does, they do go into more of the subjective side ("Tase" and "Kick"). I didn't bother going down that path, as it really is very subjective and it's probably better for you to look for drinks that contains the ingrediants you need/want, then compare taste and effect on your own, since what I like (Demon, V, Relentless, Coke) may not be on your favourite list.

Plus, that site is way heavy on the advertising/sponsorship, so you'd have to take any advice with a pinch of scepticism, heaven forbid they should offend one of their sponsors...

But good on them for providing such depth of product (way more than we have available here in NZ), though I see the NZ market has some that the USA doesn't... (I'm assuming it's USA bases...)

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