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Thursday, 18 January 2007

English Linebacker joins Galaxy

Middle Linebacker from London, England David Beck-ham will be joining the MLS Soccerball team L.A. Galaxy.

Although not famous here yet, he's famous in Europe for his Goal Strikes from offensive set plays. Also great at making lineside plays, he'll be a great addition to the MLS.

He's spent the past two semesters playing for Soccer Madrid in Spain, Europe but now he's heading down to the Sunset Strip along with his famous wife singer Victoria Spice.

He was controversially Red marked and sent from the field of play to the red zone in the 1998 Soccer World Cup for a contact infringement against an Argentinian player.

MLS Soccer expert Spunk Halberg has said of the $250m deal:"What David will bring to the MLS is prestige, hair cream and great lateral play action in the End Zone."

[Thanks Con and the BBC 606]


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