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Friday, 3 November 2006

Con meets the All Blacks!


TV3's video of the segment, play "Spot the Con"

Con you lucky scumbag!
From Con:

So I entered this draw a couple of weeks ago through Air New Zealand's
UK mailing list to meet the All Blacks in London at a 'People's
Conference' and got a phonecall at the end of last week saying that I
won along with only 100 people! The Walkabout Shepherd's Bush was closed
to the public and the event consisted of a AB panel including Graham
Henry presented by Jacqui and Rachel (TV3 presenters?) and Q&A from
people from the audience. The event will be broadcast on Campbell Live
tonight (1 Nov NZ time

Key highlights:

  • The presenters throwing out Dan Carter's Jockey-branded singlets
    to lucky members of the audience
  • Having a beer with Graham (he drank red wine) discussing the
    Auckland Grammar School connection - his son, Matthew, was in my year
    and I told Graham that he was a bully to which Graham replied (with a
    smile) ' that wouldn't surprise me'
  • Richard McCaw came across as very standoffish - he didn't say
    much or appear too interested :-(
  • Andy Ellis, the newest All Black, was enjoying lots of attention
    from women esp. the Air NZ flight crew!
  • John Afoa seemed a bit of a character and said that the Otago
    boys were the biggest card sharks.

    And finally:
  • Andrew Hore fancies Sylwia, my girlie! I'm thinking about
    dangling the bait a bit more and getting her to write to him so we can
    get free match tickets and after-match event passes etc... mulling over
    it now.

Con you pimp!


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