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Friday, 20 October 2006

An SMS Story

Duped man sent dirty letter to shop worker after message blitz
By Gordon Currie
A BESOTTED man thought he was being sent dirty text messages by a local shop worker - but he was being duped by operators of a phone sex line.
Chris Shepherd, 58, began hanging around his local post office and talking to assistant Heather Hay, convinced the messages were coming from her.
She eventually called police who warned Shepherd off.
But the messages continued and Shepherd posted an obscene letter to her home.
And at Perth Sheriff Court yesterday, he admitted breach of the peace by sending the letter in July this year.
Shepherd, of Aberfeldy, Perthshire, told police he had been texting Miss Hay for months.
He also said she had been responding with equally explicit messages.
But the number he called turned out to be a premiumrate phone sex text line operated by Opera Telecom.
Prosecutor John Malpas said the company had used information given by Shepherd and manipulated it to string him along.
The company claimed the person sending him the dirty texts was called "Heather" and said she worked in a nearby shop - when the real Miss Hay, 40, had nothing to do with the messages.
When police asked if he thought Miss Hay had sent them, Shepherd replied: "Yes. She said she lived near me and worked at the Post Office."
Defence lawyer John McLaughlin said: "He moved to the area and was rather lonely and started making contact with this line.
"The company were picking up information from him and feeding it back to make him keep in contact.
"The letter was sent in good faith to the person he believed would appreciate contact.
"Because of the way the calls were being fed led to the local shop, he spoke to the lady and was surprised when she wanted nothing to do with him.
"He has been duped in an attempt to keep him on the hook in terms of the cost in fees paid to the phone company."
Sentence was deferred for reports and Shepherd was added to the sex offenders register.

[Thanks Con, who works for a competing SMS company that would never stoop this low...]


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