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Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Balloon Joke

There was once a family of balloons: Mummy Balloon, Daddy Balloon and Master Balloon.

One hot summer night there was a terrific thunderstorm and whilst Mummy and Daddy Balloon slept soundlessly through the bangs and crashes, Master balloon was terrified and so he decided to creep into his parent's room and crawl beneath the covers between them for comfort.

His parents bed however was not very big and Master balloon could not find the space to climb between them.

Then he had an idea.

He quietly undid a knot and let some air out of his Father for one minute, making him slightly smaller. Then he repeated the act with Mummy Balloon, letting air out of her for precisely one minute. Then he tried to climb in- Still not enough room. So he undid himself and let air out and he did so for two minutes this time just to make sure and it worked! He clambered in between his Mum and Dad and slept like a baby.

He awoke the next morning alone and went downstairs for breakfast. When he got to the kitchen he could see his parents were not happy with him.

"We're very dissapointed with you, Son" said his Daddy.

"Why, what have I done?" asked Master Balloon innocently.

"Well....." replied Daddy "....You've let me down, you've let you're Mother down, but most of all................you've let yourself down!!!!!"


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