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Friday, 15 July 2005

I'll see if I can squeeze a few goodies in...

The Aussie legal system is nutz and the judge is a moron who doesn't understand technology.
They've just decided that it's illegal to LINK to pirate software/music/videos even if you don't host them yourself!
What's worse, the ISP hosting the site that did the linking, was also deemed guilty!
Now if only we could charge Telco's with hosting phone conversations between terrorists and paedophiles!
Dell have shutdown their public support forums (in the USA), The Register takes them to task, pointing out (humourously) some of the reasons why they should stay open.
Bullitt car chase still the tops!
Once again, reality catches up with Sci-Fi movies... This new planet has three suns!
NiN have release a free video! [QuickTime]
Looks like Trent wants to do an add for Apple notebooks...
It's almost a visual remake of a certain old Ah-ha video...
Coin trick... note for the faint of heart... [Windows Media]
Darth Vader's flashlight... for the boy who has everything....
Umm... "Ultralove Ninja"???  It's like James Bond opening credits meets a whacked out 70's Ninja... go figure [QuickTime]
You too can own your own Star Trek Shuttle craft.
Play time!  Planarity [flash] - I'm hooked!
Somewhere in Brazil, there's a guy with a major breast fettish!
Hands up the partnered/married men who've made this mistake...
Have a good weekend people!


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